What We Offer


Cash Out

Enjoy our withdrawal transactions at low charges


Airtime / Data

You can buy airtime on all networks and earn 1% chargeback commission.


Cable TV Subscription

You can perform cable TV subscriptions and earn N5O cashback on all amounts.


Utility Bill

Make electricity payment via app any time



Make seamless transfer into any commercial bank account at reduced charges

Become An Agent or Super Agent

To become a Kolomoni agent, you need to request for a Kolomoni MPOS. You will pay an onboarding fee of N15,000 in order to acquire one Kolomoni MPOS terminal. The Kolomoni app also allows our Agents to carry out transactions at lower charges and also earn commissions on every transaction.

Super Agents are Kolomoni's partner/ambassador with a minimum of 10 Kolomoni agents under them. Kolomoni Super Agents are required to purchase a minimum of 10 MPOS devices at N10,000 each on behalf of the agents and provide them with first level support.


Agent OnBoarding

Using the Kolomoni MPOS Device

MPOS (Mobile Point of Sales) devices are used by our mobile money agents for cashout (withdrawal) transactions. Every Kolomoni agent needs one to be a part of our agency banking network.

  1. Once you get your Kolomoni MPOS Device, register your Kolomoni account
  2. Pair your Kolomoni MPOS with your smartphone via Bluetooth
  3. Log into your Kolomoni app and click on the 'Cashout' option
  4. Input the required details (amount) in the field provided, your app will automatically link with your MPOS device
  5. You will receive a prompt on the screen of the MPOS device to insert the card
  6. Insert the card and enter your pin
  7. Once successful, you will get the notification on the screen of your MPOS
  8. If the transaction fails, you also get an error message with the status of the transaction. Log the dispute or contact customer support.