My Kolomoni Plan

This savings plan allows you save for a minimum of 3 months with an interest rate of up to 8% (per annum)

My KopaMoni Plan

This is a specialised savings plan for National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members and allows for an interest rate of up to 9% (per annum).

Target Savings

Create a personal savings target for your rents, car, education,vacation, etc. or for unforeseen circumstances. Earn up to 10% p.a

Fixed Deposit

Enjoy up to 11% (per annum) interest rate on all your fixed deposits.

Group Savings

Kolomoni, you can achieve far greater goals by inviting friends, family and colleagues to save with you at 10% per annum interest rate.



Register Account

Download the KoloMoni from Google Play Store , Apple Store or alternatively use our Web app to register a free KoloMoni account.


Activate Account

KoloMoni takes customers security very seriously. One of the steps we have taken to ensure this, is by requiring you to activate your account via email to avoid unauthorize use of your email account.


Create Plan

Select from any of our tailored savings plan that suites your purpose. You can create multiple savings plans and link one or more debit cards to save from.


Start Saving

Achieve your goals while enjoying higher interest rate on your savings plan. You can login to your account to top up any of your savings plan anytime.